Silk'n Mother's Day Event

Save 20% During the Silk’n Mother’s Day Event

Mother’s Day is coming up and Silk’n has the perfect way for you to celebrate. Save 20% sitewide during the Silk’n Mother’s Day event! Take advantage of big savings on the most popular devices during one of the biggest sales of the year. Treat yourself, your mother, or the both of you! Flash&Go Express – […]

Silk'n ReVit Microdermabrasion

How To Use the Silk’n ReVit

The Silk’n ReVit is a favorite skincare tool of many. The microdermabrasion device gently removes the outer layer of dull, dead skin. After just one treatment, it reveals skin that is fresh and healthy. Using the device. Watch the video below to learn how to get the most out of your treatments with the Silk’n […]

Spring Beauty Must-Haves

Spring is officially here. We are ready to shed the layers and say hello to warmer weather. With a new season comes the need to update your beauty routine. Keep reading to find out which Silk’n Spring beauty must-haves you should have in your arsenal! Silk’n Pedi Pro We neglect our feet during the colder […]

Using Silk’n Technology is Easy as 1, 2, 3

The thought of at-home hair removal intimidates many people. They fear that the treatment process is complex. They fear that they won’t do it right. On the contrary, Silk’n technology has been designed to be both effective and extremely simple to use. Silk’n technology truly is easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1 – Power On […]

Silk'n Blue Brittany MD

What You Should Know About Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy. You’ve probably heard of it, but may not know exactly what it is. We’re here to share with you the the reason that blue light therapy is taking the skincare world by storm. Keep reading to learn more about the futuristic treatment! What Is Blue Light Therapy? Blue light is a form […]

Silk'n Titan Blog Post

Introducing: The Silk’n Titan

The Silk’n Titan is the newest addition to our product line. The Titan visibly lifts and tightens skin, guaranteed. Keep reading to find out how the anti-aging device works. How the Silk’n Titan Works The Silk’n Titan uses a combination of three technologies to deliver incredible results. Infrared Energy helps to remodel the collagen and […]

Anti-Aging Routines For All Ages

Anti-aging is a word we hear all the time in the beauty world. Every woman wants to look younger than she is, and delay signs of aging for as long as possible. A proper skincare routine at different ages is crucial when it comes to anti-aging. Anti-Aging In Your Twenties We know—your skin right now […]

Silk'n Love 20% off Sale

Silk’n Love Sale – Save 20% Sitewide

Silk’n wants to show you some love this Valentine’s day! Save 20% sitewide on orders of $99 or more. It’s one of the biggest sales of the year—don’t miss your chance to save on Silk’n beautiful technology. If you’re in a relationship, give you man a hint! If you’re single, don’t hesitate to treat yourself. […]